Primal Lessons

Wanna go primal but you don’t know where to begin? This page has links to all the information you will need to get you started on your own primal journey.

The purpose of this series is to give you information on all aspects of primal eating. If you’ve seen my Food List page, you’ll have figured out that primal eating is a template by which you base your meals. What you eat and when you eat is all up to you. Just follow the template of foods.

But primal eating is more than just ‘Tell me what to eat and I’ll do it.” You really need to understand where this way of eating comes from, how it works, and the philosophies behind it. I think a major reason why the western world is so riddled with lifestyle-related illness and disease is down to a bassic lack of knowledge. People need to start educating themselves on what healthy really is and about food in general. The more you know, the more inclined you are to make better food choices and eat mindfully.

I strongly urge you to read each lesson in order. They’ve been written in this order for a reason.

Lesson 1: A Wee bit of History and Anthropology

Primal and paleo eating is nicknamed ‘The Caveman Diet’ for a reason.

Lesson 2: The Science Behind Primal Eating

A look at how the foods we eat affect our physiology and what you can do about it.

Lesson 3: The Philosophies Behind Primal Eating

Just eat real food, often 🙂


Lesson 4: A Complete Guide to Primal Eating

Everything you need to know about making good, primal food choices.


Lesson 5:  Sugar-Burner vs. Fat-Burner

Understanding the differences between the two different types of fuel your body can use.


Lesson 6: Making the Primal Transition

A list of the physiological changes you will experience as you ditch conventional healthy foods for a primal diet.

Lesson 7: Primal In Real Life

Tips on how to stay primal in social situations and the holiday season.


Lesson 8: Paleo? Keto? Primal?

Explaining the differences between these different lower-carb, ancestral diets.


Lesson 9: Primal In Transit

How to stay primal while traveling.


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