Coconut Friends

Coconut Friends is a monthly series on the blog to showcase people’s journeys and success using a variation of primal eating. Primal eating affects us all in different ways, and the reasons we start doing it varies as well. I want to share the stories of others in hopes that they will inspire people.

Check out my ‘friends:’

Amie the Runner


“I didn’t get into the Paleo lifestyle to lose weight, far from it; I was just over 8 stone (112 lbs = 51 kg. Amie is 5′ 1″ tall), with an enviable body fat percentage of just 14.5%. I run for a well respected athletic club: Fife AC, representing my club at regional and national events in Scotland.”  Read more…


Alicia in Berlin


Alicia is on the left

“Spring of 2013 was a time not only for seasonal changes, but for life changes as well. I had signed a contract to teach in a bilingual school and move from Edmonton, the city I had lived in my whole life, to one of the most exciting capitals in the world: Berlin, Germany.” Read more…

Meg Thriving in Belgium

Meg visiting Monschau

“My name is Meg and I currently live in Belgium. I’m American, but I met my Belgian husband who came to my high school with an exchange program… and since true love really does exist, I followed him overseas and have now been living here for nearly 8 years.” Read more…


If you would like to share your primal journey on Eat Primal, Run Hard, please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch with you. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a blogger to contribute 🙂


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