{WIAW} Always Ancestral

Linking up with Peas and Crayons today because it’s What I Ate Wednesday, a day to share the meals I’ve prepared for myself and eaten, and an opportunity for you to see the day to day meals of a primal eater.

*hint: click on the links for some meal ideas! And check out my Primal Recipes page for more.


20140909_071318If you’re a regular reader of my WIAW posts, you’ll see that I’m a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast: I eat the same thing every day.This isn’t to track macros (something I don’t do), it’s for the simple reason that I love this meal so much. I actually look forward to it every morning when I get out of bed.

As you know, breakfast starts with bulletproof espresso made of two shots of Lavazza espresso, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter, and a heaped teaspoon of xylitol to sweeten.

This week’s Whenever Quiche consists of organic yellow courgettes (zucchinis) for our garden, red pepper, bacon, prosciutto and kale. Cheddar cheese too. Delicious and colourful!

20140909_071257And as usual, fruit (apricots and cherries), with coconut cream and a crumbled nutter bomb. Love. It.


20140908_211220My meat dish (top right container) is Keto Moussaka made with grass-fed beef from Bel’s Btuchers in Montrose.

The bottom is a ‘salad’ of leftover fried mushrooms, red peppers, kale, and onions; mashed sweet potatoes with Nom Nom Paleo Aji Verde Sauce, and lettuce and cucumber.

Dessert, in the top left container, is half a peach and a Caveman Keto Fat Bomb. I didn’t actually eat the peach because it ended up being mushy and tasteless.


20140909_195841Mackerel fillets fried in butter with salt and pepper, crispy skin and all. Did you know I had never eaten mackerel, smoked or friend, until I went primal????? Now, I eat this oily fish, found readily in the North Sea (6 miles from my house), about twice a week. It’s becoming a favourite.

My side was oven-roasted brocoli and cauliflower, done in coconut oil, and an attempted sweet potato croquet, breaded with ground almonds instead, topped with Aji Verde sauce again. It didn’t work out the way I had hoped, but it still tasted good!


I’ve noticed lately that I’m actually very full at the end of a meal, and now, rather than cleaning my plate and enjoying all the delicious food, I’m actually finishing my entire meals because I’m satisfied. I think next week’s meal will be slightly smaller.

What have you eaten today?

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

What could you eat/drink day in and day out?

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